Enhancing Creativity in Students with HTML


Today’s school students are facing a ‘global achievement gap’ – the gap between what the schools are teaching and the skills young learners need to learn.

Some of the essential skills every student needs to succeed in their personal and future professional life are problem-solving, creativity, collaboration, adaptability, logical thinking, and critical thinking.

HTML and Skill Development

A computer language, Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) is used to create websites and web pages. HTML is the foundation of webpages, and it is the building block of the internet.

By learning HTML, students gain the ability and confidence to create functional and visually appealing websites. It develops life skills in students which include creativity, problem-solving, critical thinking, and logical thinking while preparing them for future career opportunities.

Web Designing with HTML

While learning web design & development, students explore and learn how to create an aesthetically pleasing page. By tapping into their creative side, they use HTML to make a webpage look organized and attractive. HTML strengthens the foundation and encourages students to learn new coding languages and build upon their digital skills. 

Tags in HTML

Having a basic understanding of tags that are used in HTML helps students learn how to construct and operate websites. 

Below are some of the tags used in HTML

Head Tag

The first element of an HTML document is the head tag. It stores meta-data, scripts, and title of a webpage.

Body Tag

The main section of an HTML document is the body tag. It contains all the webpage content – the text, images, videos, and other information that a viewer sees when visiting a website.

Title Tag

Placed in the head tag of an HTML document, the title tag contains the title of a webpage. The title is displayed in the browser’s title bar, search engine results and bookmarks. 

Heading Tag

Used to create headings on a webpage, the heading tags are used to structure content into sections; they range from h1 (the most important heading) to h6 (the least important heading).

Paragraph Tag 

The paragraph tag is used to create paragraphs on a webpage; it adds blank lines/space between blocks of text.

Career Opportunities

Knowledge of HTML helps students grow in careers which include:

ICT 360 in alignment with NEP, provides ICT/Computer Science curriculum with ready-to-use content, design and computational thinking approach to projects as well as interdisciplinary learning material on an online platform that caters to today’s relevant technologies and future skills requirements. It is designed to help teachers improve their instructional practices with 21st century teaching skills through train-the-teacher program, build a strong foundation to empower students with the ability and skills to design & create amazing things on their own in a fun & engaging environment, excel in academics and prepare them to be industry- and career-ready.

With 50+ partner schools across India, it aims to empower students with creativity, problem-solving, design and tech skills from an early age. These skills are essential for future job roles like Graphic Designers, AI & ML Specialists, Software & Applications Developers, Animators, Robotics Engineers, Data Analysts, and IOT Specialists. 

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