Cloud Computing in School


Did you know – how websites and apps reach billions of people across the globe within seconds? Where do the streaming services store all the movies and TV shows you watch? 

Well, this is possible due to cloud computing - without it, the internet would not be the way it is today!

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is how websites and the internet as a whole, work behind the scenes. The content that we read, makes an incredible journey from a database server, physically located thousands of miles away to our computer screen within seconds via cloud computing. 

Importance of cloud computing

The devices we use in our home, school or office have limited storage space. We require multiple hard drives to store more data. Due to processing and storage limitations, our computers cannot run all the software at once. Cloud computing helps solve these problems by allowing us to share software and storage space in nominal costs. Google Drive is an example of cloud storage application. Some of the examples of cloud service applications include Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides, online games and online shopping.

We use cloud while

Learning cloud computing in school

Nowadays, everything is on the internet. Understanding how the internet works is essential. Cloud computing is behind everything, we use on a daily basis and will be critical for software of the future. One of the most in-demand skills, cloud computing has ties to fields like web development, cybersecurity, smart devices, and artificial intelligence.

Integration of cloud computing in school curriculum helps students gain real world experience through exciting projects. It fuels creativity and enables students to explore the latest technologies while have fun. It empowers students with the ability to host their own websites and web apps, enabling people across the globe to interact with one another in real-time.

ICT 360 in alignment with NEP, provides ICT/Computer Science curriculum with ready-to-use content, design and computational thinking approach to projects as well as interdisciplinary learning material on an online platform that caters to today’s relevant technologies and future skills requirements. It is designed to help teachers improve their instructional practices with 21st century teaching skills through train-the-teacher program, build a strong foundation to empower students with the ability and skills to design & create amazing things on their own in a fun & engaging environment, excel in academics and prepare them to be industry- and career-ready.

With 50+ partner schools across India, it aims to empower students with creativity, problem-solving, design and tech skills from an early age. These skills are essential for future job roles like Graphic Designers, AI & ML Specialists, Software & Applications Developers, Animators, Robotics Engineers, Data Analysts, and IOT Specialists.

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