Supporting Parents During Online Learning

Looking to improve student learning outcomes with parental backing?


The push towards online learning due to the pandemic has now become the new education model. Parents are playing a more hands-on role in their kid’s education in this new reality of online learning. But guiding kids through online learning while juggling work and other priorities is not easy.  

With the increase in the usage of digital tools, parents are learning how to navigate digital platforms and adapt to their kid’s online learning plans. They are looking to school leaders, teachers, and IT teams for more support when it comes to using technology. 

With timelines for the distribution of vaccines continuing to shift, the reopening of schools in full capacity is not likely to happen in 2021. Since physical classes will not resume for all, here’s how schools and IT teams can assist parents during online learning.

Document the online learning plan

Schools can document and share their online learning plans so that parents understand how instructions will be delivered and what is expected of students. The documentation should also include tools that students will be using, list of key department contacts and a troubleshooting guide for online learning platforms with flowcharts. If something doesn’t work, a flowchart can guide parents through troubleshooting steps based on a given situation that’ll allow them to diagnose and fix the problem on their own. 

Create & share tutorial videos

Through tutorial videos, schools can help parents understand how to use the online tools that’ll help them teach the same to their kids. For instance, if schools have their own online learning courses/learning management system (LMS), they can share how-to/demo videos with parents that offer tips/guidance on accessing the LMS, parent portal and other digital tools.

Create engaging activities for parents

Schools can offer short learning experiences for parents to do with their kids, examples include engaging activities rooted in game-based learning/augmented reality/virtual reality. These activities will help parents experience the excitement of using technology in an engaging way; they’ll learn how to collaborate with their kid in using technology and understand how learning and personal interactions can be enhanced with technology. 

Professional Development for teachers

Teachers are the first point of contact for parents. Schools should train teachers on how to use digital tools and upskill them with ICT/technical skills through professional development programs/workshops/online courses. It will help teachers learn new pedagogies, develop new strategies that foster student interaction & collaboration, support them to effectively deliver ICT courses and confidently answer tech-related questions raised by parents during online learning. 

ICT 360 in alignment with NEP, provides ICT curriculum with ready-to-use content, design and computational thinking approach to projects as well as interdisciplinary learning material on an online platform that caters to today’s relevant technologies and future skills requirements. It is designed to help teachers improve their instructional practices with 21st century teaching skills through train-the-teacher program, build a strong foundation to empower students with the ability and skills to design & create amazing things on their own in a fun & engaging environment, excel in academics and prepare them to be industry- and career-ready.

With 50+ partner schools across India, it aims to empower students with creativity, problem-solving, design and tech skills from an early age. These skills are essential for future job roles like Graphic Designers, AI & ML Specialists, Software & Applications Developers, Animators, Robotics Engineers, Data Analysts, and IOT Specialists.

What steps are you taking to boost parental support for EdTech use? 

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