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Who is not mesmerized with the beauty, history and cultural legacy of Delhi? And especially if the story of Delhi is delineated in the form of animation, graphics and robotics by young residents who are both technology savvy and appreciative of Delhi, it would be nothing less than a spectacular experience for all senses.

This is exactly what happened at the annual event Fankaar held on the 15th of October, 2015 at the prestigious Shiv Nadar School, Gurgaon. The hosts at the event : Ms. Monica Sagar (Principal, SNS, Gurgaon), Mr. Mark Nelson & Ms Deepika Kadian (SNS) along with Mr. Aditya Bhardwaj & Mr. Sudhansu Dogra (ICT360) were delighted to welcome the esteemed guests- Mr. Shiv Nadar, Chairman HCL Corp himself along with Mr. Shikhar Malhotra , Director HCL Corp, Col. Gopal Karunakaran, CEO, Shiv Nadar School and Ms. Leena Aparajita, Executive Director of Shiv Nadar School

As, you could comprehend, the theme of the Funkaar event was Kahaani Dilli Ki , and students under the guidance of ICT360 faculty displayed their talent via 3D Models & Digital Illustrations of famous landmarks of Delhi like Qutub Minar, Red Fort, Humayun’s tomb etc.

Students displayed their work done inside the newly built state of the art computing spaces lab

One of the star attractions for many at the event was a Robot that served toffees and candies ! Who would not love such a Robot? And none lesser were other Robots as well, like the Ball Pitching Robot, Automatic Boom Barrier – all made using world famous VEX Robotics kit by students under ICT360 guidance

As the event came to conclusion, the ICT360 team made & gifted a 3D printed portrait of Mr.Shiv Nadar himself

Not to be missed, students also made 3D walkthrough of the school building, which was simply amazing.

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