Importance of Taking Breaks while Studying

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Studying for an exam or working on assignments/projects can be demanding and stressful. Students/kids find themselves spending hour after hour in front of the computer/laptop preparing for their exams/projects. Research says that taking regular study breaks can help prevent fatigue and keep them focused longer. It provides the brain with new energy which increases creativity and maintains their attention and motivation.

Here are some tips on how to make the most out of study breaks

Several shorter breaks

Instead of taking few longer breaks, taking several shorter breaks is more beneficial – the reason being that a longer break can decrease one’s motivation to return to studies. For instance, kids can take shorter breaks between 5 - 15 minutes every hour and a longer break of 30 minutes every 2 to 4 hours to relax their mind, depending on their capacity and the assignment(s) that needs to be completed.

Get up and move

Regardless of how long or short the break is, kids should leave their computer during the break. Sitting too long in front of their computer can cause stiffness, make them tired and affect their learning ability. They can walk or do some stretching as it helps to increase the blood flow and decreases muscle stiffness. It is best to take the break outside and freshen up their mind.

Power nap

Short power naps help to reduce stress and improves cognitive functions like attention, learning, memory, and decision making. So, when kids feel tired and are not able to focus, they can take a 15–20-minute power nap to relax, regain their energy and enhance their productivity.

Put emotions into art/words

Kids can try journaling or drawing/doodling for a few minutes to give the overworked area of the brain, some time to recharge. It can help them separate facts from emotions and reflect on how to deal with stressful situations effectively.

Do meditation 

Meditation helps kids with retention of information, creativity, attention, self-regulation, focus, mood, managing stress and overall well-being. Kids can meditate during their break and rejuvenate their mind, body, and soul.

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