How Robotics is helping in generating new jobs


We all know how great it is when technology works — and how frustrating it is when it doesn’t. Even sophisticated technology companies haven’t eliminated their human customer support teams, because when something goes wrong, it is often a human who needs to fix it.


There will always be a need for on-site, human labour and expertise when we deal with machines. Robots will have glitches, need updates and require new parts. As we rely more and more on mechanized systems and automation, we will require more people with technical skills to maintain, replace, update and fix these systems and hardware.

Technology has not only created departments and jobs within companies, but created the need for entirely new companies and businesses. The demand for technical skills will only increase with an increase in automation: Someone needs to fix the robot when a part is faulty. Driverless cars will still require mechanics.

Did You Know ?

Amazon has created 1,200 jobs at warehouse equipped with advanced robotics where staff will work alongside the online retail giant’s robots.

The new fulfilment centre, will be a part of a significant expansion across the UK, will take its workforce in Britain to 24,000 by the end of this year.

Amazon will be hiring for a range of new roles including operations managers, engineers, human resources and IT specialists. The Warrington site will be one of two, along with Tilbury, due to open this autumn, which will be equipped with advanced Amazon robotics technology.

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