How Digitalization Has Renewed Art Of Painting


Digitalization is constantly turning the tables in technology, industries, art etc. We shall now consider one of the aspects of how the concept of digital paintings has changed the traditional norms of paintings. 

“Digital painting is a type of digital art but it is not “computer-generated” art, in that it does not involve the computer automatically generating an image from mathematical models created by the artist. In digital painting, the artist uses painting techniques to create the image directly on the computer.”

• • Remains unaffected from the outer spills: Whenever we make a traditional painting and hang it on the wall, it’s quite obvious that if some natural calamity occurs the art would forever be lost! But when we know how to draw and paint digitally, preservation becomes easier. It can remain unharmed and unaffected by what happens around it. Painting digitally would allow us to create multiple copies without the trauma of not be able to imitate the same one, made using a paper and a brush.

• Less messy: A digital sculptor can create a statue using tools, or the effects they would have, to create effects that would violate physics in the real-world. For mastering the art of digital paintings a device such as I pads, tablets with a stylus is all that you require. This limited use of tools, however, is less messy and doesn’t need you to physically clean all the mess after you are done creating your master piece.

• Improving object development: Digital Photo painters also have a time advantage by having used photography as the base for the Under Painting in that the photograph already contains gradient color and value. Traditional painters must create highlights and shadows “from scratch” using lighter, darker and complimentary colors. Digital artists may rely upon those from the original photograph or add to them and enhance them as desired.


• Paint, everywhere: Ever heard from your grandparents and parents, how the means of communication has changed over decades? How the mobile phones completely came in as a life changer concept without wires? Might give us chills how hard life would have been without this little magic device of yours. Likewise, Painting considered so far had to be in an absolute environment which made you creative.But with painting digitally you don’t need to carry a big canvas and a pack of colors along when you are traveling. A device would just do all!

• Though we certainly can never come out of what traditional paintings has offered us for centuries but the modern man has to stroll together hand in hand with this changing world to create better opportunities for himself. As an artist will always remain an artist no matter what path is he choosing!

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