How Coding Has Become Essential For Students


We’ve all seen how over the course of this decade how tasks which were done manually by humans have been replaced by programmable machines who perform those same tasks more efficiently using lesser human resources.

For example, we’ve now seen robots who can perform household chores which were earlier done by people. So, how are these robots automatically able to perform such tasks? There are people who worked to create and program the robot to do them. There’s now substantial evidence to believe that the scope for programming has only been increasing over the years. So, why not train the younger generation in this field?

It’s also an inevitable reality that as more and more complex processes are being automated, the skill requirement for coding is more demanding.


Scientist Alan Kay made this beautiful analogy “Simple things should be simple, complex things should be possible.” So, we can conclude that to make the complex task of programming possible, we have to impart basic programming knowledge in people right from their childhood to build their skill set in this field.

There are many advantages why teaching coding to children helps not only in developing computer related skills but also help in developing other vital abilities as well. These are discussed as follows:

• Learning To Code Develops Problem Solving Skills: The skills that come with computer programming help kids develop new ways of thinking and foster problem-solving techniques that can have big repercussions in other areas.

• Kids learn better and faster when they’re young: Teaching your child how to code when they are still young is important because kids have an easier time learning skills than adults do – their minds are flexible and open, and learning code is like learning a language, far easier when you are young.

• “You have an idea for the next big innovation? Great. Can you bring it to life?”: Everyone has ideas. Only a select few can make them happen. The ability to code separates those who merely have an idea from those who can make their ideas a reality.

• Understanding Code Helps Explain The World: If grade-schoolers are taught biology and mathematics in order to understand the world around them, then knowing the basics of the wonders of storytelling through code

• Learning how to code is also going to help your children develop fluidity in their thinking: Coding is sequential – it’s telling a story, where you need to know what to write and why one thing follows the other in a particular order. Most programming languages designed for kids usually use games to teach them how to code, and this requires them to follow (or even better create) a story line or sequence as they play and code.

Even though teaching coding has become an inevitable reality schools still don’t pay much attention to properly impart this knowledge. However, there are many resources available online which provides a step by step guide to teach young children how to code.

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