How Ai Can Be Utilised In Classrooms For Better Learning.


Artificial Intelligence has proven its role as a game-changing factor in an increasing number of fields, causing transformations unimaginable in the past. From amazing hit movie 1927’s ‘Metropolis’ to 2015‘s ‘Ex Machina’ has given the world a new world of intelligence which is currently ruling our lives.

This artificial intelligence is what today’s ‘Siri with the Rock’ and Samsungs ‘smart voice’ is composed of. Following are some ways AI can turn the tables if it enters the education sector.

• AI could make today’s schoolhouses obsolete – Modern schools promote one-size-fits-all classes and learning at a fixed pace. AI learning systems allow for a customized curriculum that reduces the need for classrooms and lecturers. Traditional schools might evolve into smaller, distributed structures and specialized learning centres.

• AI dealing in trial and error – An intelligent computer system, designed to help students to learn, is a much less daunting way to deal with trial and error. Artificial intelligence could offer students a way to experiment and learn in a relatively judgment-free environment, especially when AI tutors can offer solutions for improvement. In fact, AI is the perfect format for supporting this kind of learning, as AI systems themselves often learn by a trial-and-error method.

• AI using custom textbooks – The traditional textbook learning will get obsolete with the introduction of new custom textbooks which will lead to effective learning and more innovation. From kindergarten to graduate school, one of the key ways artificial intelligence will impact education is through the application of greater levels of individualized learning.

• AI tutor’s easing learning – Some tutoring programs based on artificial intelligence already exist and can help students through basic mathematics, writing, and other subjects. These programs can teach students fundamentals, but so far aren’t ideal for helping students learn high-order thinking and creativity, something that real-world teachers are still required to facilitate.

“At the rate at which Artificial Intelligence is being adopted in various areas of our lives, it is predicted that it will replace 16% of our jobs over the next decade.” However, one should not neglect what the world is possibly looking forward to and AI will impact the internet, employment, its citizens and economies.

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