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To close the skills gap between the current state of learning outcomes and what is truly needed in the future work environment, NEP recommends that educational institutions focus on tech skill development and deliver competency-based learning from early childhood education through higher education.

As per NEP, teachers must equip themselves with ICT/technology skills through professional development programs. It will help them to upskill and deliver 21st century learning effectively, increase student engagement, improve their learning outcome, and prepare them for the digital future.

Let’s take a look at how ICT 360 in schools is essential for the growth & development of students and teachers: 

Design Thinking using 3D Printing 

To enhance creativity in students, the NEP 2020 recommends that students should be encouraged to practice ‘design thinking’ that will allow them to make their own design decisions and come up with solutions to real world problems.

With ICT 360 in schools, students get the platform to work on Design Thinking projects through subjects like 3D Digital Design in which they design a product that solves a given problem. The process involves asking questions, empathizing, experimenting and hands on testing; it gives students the opportunity to step into someone else shoes, and empathize with them to come up with a solution to their problem.

3D Design & 3D Printing technology allow students to see their ideas come to life as prototypes and create viable solutions to real world problems.

STEM Learning

STEM accredited ICT 360 curriculum focuses on the integrated disciplines of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. Subjects like App Design and Game Design give students the opportunity to apply their STEM knowledge and skills through hands-on learning and projects rooted in real world challenges. STEM education equips them with 21st century skills and prepares them for STEM careers of the future which include Green Power Creator, 3D Printing Engineer, App Developer and more. 


One of the innovative technologies, Robotics deals with the design, construction, operation, and application of robots. From manufacturing and construction to health care and space exploration, robots are being used to perform various tasks.

ICT 360 curriculum includes Robotics that gives students the platform to design, program and build robots. In the process, they develop essential skills like engineering & coding skills, leadership, problem-solving, perseverance, collaboration, project management, communication, and teamwork.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

ICT 360 in schools introduces students to the world of AI at an early age through exposure to progressive technologies. Students learn the concepts of AI like machine learning, deep learning etc. while understanding real-world applications of AI. The project-based learning methodology gives students the opportunity to explore and create AI applications in an age-appropriate way while enhancing their critical thinking, communication, and creative thinking skills.

Teacher Training/Development Program 

With ICT 360 in schools, teachers get the opportunity to learn new age teaching skills through Train-the-Teacher Program which includes in-depth technical training, training on 21st Century skills, soft skills and classroom management, gamified approach to evaluation of skills and periodic assessments & reports. The Learning Management System (LMS) platform helps build teachers’ confidence and supports them to effectively deliver ICT courses in their schools.  

ICT 360 provides NEP aligned, STEM accredited ICT curriculum with ready-to-use content, design and computational thinking approach to projects as well as interdisciplinary learning material on an online platform that caters to today’s relevant technologies and future skills requirements. It is designed to help teachers improve their instructional practices with 21st century teaching skills through train-the-teacher program, build a strong foundation to empower students with the ability and skills to design & create amazing things on their own in a fun & engaging environment, excel in academics and prepare them to be industry- and career-ready. 

With 50+ partner schools across India, it aims to empower students with creativity, problem-solving, design and advanced tech skills from an early age. These skills are essential for future job roles like AI & ML Specialist, Game Designer, Graphic Designer, Software & Applications Developer, Animator, Robotics Engineer, Data Analyst, and IOT Specialist. 

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