Class 8 student creates anti-bullying app. Empower your students with STEM education & allow them to make a positive impact on the world!

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13-year-old Anoushka Jolly, the youngest Shark Tank contestant, has created a mobile app called 'Kavach' which allows students & parents to anonymously report bullying incidents. She had seen many kids being victims of bullying due to which they lost their confidence. 

Since most of the bullying incidents do not get reported and remain unresolved, Anoushka came with a solution 'Kavach' – an anti-bullying app that schools and counsellors can use to tactfully intervene and take appropriate action to prevent bullying in schools.

STEM education focuses on the integrated disciplines of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. Through hands-on learning and projects rooted in real world challenges, it develops a creator mindset in students and encourages them to apply their STEM knowledge and skills to create apps, websites & 3D prototypes that solve real-world problems.    

Science: gives students an in-depth understanding of our world and strengthens their research & critical thinking skills. 

Technology: prepares students for a tech-driven work environment. 

Engineering: encourages students to apply their knowledge to work on projects that improve their problem-solving skills. 

Mathematics: enables students to analyse information, eliminate errors, and make appropriate decisions for designing solutions. 

Here’s how STEM projects can be incorporated in the school curriculum with the help of an advanced ICT program

App Design 

Students benefit from collaboration in the classroom because it allows them to process & enhance their information and develops real-world skills like problem-solving, communication, teamwork, and leadership. Incorporating technology tools may further improve student co-operation and learning outcome. 

Students can be assigned a STEM project where they need to design an app that implements collaborative studies. 

Game Design

Nature’s cycles are concerned with the earth’s renewal process. The living things in an ecosystem interact with one another as well as their non-living environment to form a self-contained ecological unit. This process of rejuvenation might be gradual and delicate at times. It can be violent and destructive at times.

Let students design a game that revolves around the concept of ‘cycle of nature’ using their STEM skills. 

3D Design

Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) is a flying marvel that can’t be quickly recognized.

Students can work on a project to design a UFO using their imagination and STEM skills. 

Web Design

Virtual labs are simulated learning environments that allow students to complete laboratory experiments online and explore concepts & theories without stepping into a physical science lab. 

Students can be asked to design an interactive website that implements the concept of a ‘virtual lab’, using their creativity and STEM skills.

With the Government of India focussing on campaigns such as ‘Make in India’, there is a need to encourage innovation skills, right from schools. STEM education in schools can develop a culture of project-based learning & innovation and cultivate valuable skills that prepare students for future challenges.

ICT 360 provides NEP aligned, STEM accredited ICT curriculum with ready-to-use content, design and computational thinking approach to projects as well as interdisciplinary learning material on an online platform that caters to today’s relevant technologies and future skills requirements. It is designed to help teachers improve their instructional practices with 21st century teaching skills through train-the-teacher program, build a strong foundation to empower students with the ability and skills to design & create amazing things on their own in a fun & engaging environment, excel in academics and prepare them to be industry- and career-ready. 

With 50+ partner schools across India, it aims to empower students with creativity, problem-solving, design and advanced tech skills from an early age. These skills are essential for future job roles like AI & ML Specialist, Game Designer, Graphic Designer, Software & Applications Developer, Animator, Robotics Engineer, Data Analyst, and IOT Specialist. 

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