5 fantastic Inventions by kids under 17 that will blow your mind


Every other day, we hear stories of young people turning entrepreneurs, creating fantastic apps, and generally conquering the world. It usually brings on one of those ‘what-have-we-done-with-our-lives’, where we look back at our years and lament the time wasted. 5 young innovators who are morphing the face of technology and creating things that are novel and marvelous, to say the least. Here are five Innovations that can blow our mind. 

Smart School Bag by Aryan Tanwar – This Class 7 student has created a Smart School Bag that indicates whether or not your school time-table requires you to carry a particular book that day. This is done via a LED light that uses a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tag attached to the books. Aryan further wants to add a weather sensor to the bag; it will then also indicate whether or not the kid should carry a raincoat or umbrella.

Vitram System’s TRAECY by Shreyas Kishore and Pranshu Malik– these class 12 students from Delhi Public School, RK Puram, are the brains behind a product titled TRAECY–Traffic and Emission Control System. TRAECY is an emission sensing, location tracking and navigating device that aims to analyze and reduce the levels of pollution in the city. Apart from Shreyas and Pranshu, team TRAECY also comprises Aditya Sengupta, Danish Bansal and Tanmay Bansal.

Portable Atmospheric Water Generator by Shaurya Jain – Shaurya has invented a solar-powered device that seeks to use the simple method of condensation to extract water from atmospheric moisture. With an aim to replace Atmospheric Water Generators that are bulky and inconvenient, to say the least, Shaurya’s invention is extremely sustainable.

Automatic Home Surveillance Bot by Hemkesh Agarwal – Student of class 10, Hemkesh has created an Automatic Home Surveillance Bot that functions on ultrasonic sensing to detect the presence of motion and fire in one’s absence. Synced with your phone, this bot might just save your home from the lurking dangers of thieves and fire.

Torch for the visually impaired by Saiyam Agarwal – Saiyam’s creations is as logical as they were ingenious. A torch for the visually impaired that beeps when a hurdle is nearby seemed like nothing short of a game-changer.

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