5 Reasons Your Child Should Learn To Code

Coding is fun! Want to enroll your child for 1-on-1 classes?


Is your child learning to code? Well, if you want to make your child Atmanirbhar and future-ready – then teach them to code from an early age. Realising the importance of coding in a child’s academic performance and overall development, the new & futuristic National Education Policy 2020 has introduced Coding from standard 6th onwards as a part of the 21st Century Skills.

Here are the 5 Reasons Your Child Should Learn To Code:
1) Strengthens brain
Coding motivates your child to experiment which strengthens their brains and helps them to tap into their creative side.

2) Transforms from Consumers to Creators of Technology
Coding empowers your child to create apps, websites, & games and makes their screen time productive.

3) Develops Resilience and Problem-Solving Mindset
With coding comes debugging that motivates your child to work through challenges and come up with a solution; the learning process develops their problem-solving skills.

4) Improves Focus
When your child uses codes to create apps, websites, or games, it helps develop better focus and organization.

5) Essential Job Skill for the Future
Coding skills will be in high demand in the 2030 job economy. It will open up a plethora of career opportunities for your child which includes App Developer, Web Developer, Computer Programmer, Web Designer, Game Designer, UI/UX Designer – to name a few.

The Right Time to Upskill your Child is Now! Empower them with Coding Skills through ICT360 Learning Platform - 1:1, live online interactive classes by expert facilitators.

Choose from Coding Courses which include 3D Design & Animation, App Design with Coding, Game Design with Coding, Web Design with Coding, Coding and Graphic Design.  Our Project | Design based Teaching Methodology, STREAM (Science, Technology, Research, Engineering, Art, Math) Framework, Context Based & Gamified Approach provides a Fun-Learning Experience for your Child from the Comfort of your Home.

At the end of the course(s), your child will Earn a Certificate and Get Professional Internship!

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