The future of trucks: How the trucks are become intelligent and less power hungry


You have heard about electric cars, but have you ever heard about electric trucks?

Well. it’s going to be a reality soon, thanks to Tesla’s fully electric semi truck. This truck can run a whopping 500 miles between charges, and that’s not all… it also possesses some kind of self-drive automation as well!

The truck boasts of an enhanced auto-pilot and several warning systems integrated into it.

The truck will go in production in 2019.

Today, trucks carry 70 percent of all goods shipped in the US, about 10.7 billion tons this year, pulling in $719 billion in revenue. A self driving, electric truck can surely save huge quantum of resources and money apart from perhaps less accidents.

The future of trucks , does not stop here, another company, Peloton technology,a 6 year old startup, is trying to design trucks that can travel in packs and talk to each other via radio waves. The drivers of these trucks need not stay glued on to the steering wheels, and can take a nap or relax multiple times during their long trips, without having to stop anywhere.

Actually, why should the driver even be in the truck. Starsky Robotics—a Silicon Valley startup that employs six full-time truck drivers—would put the driver behind a screen, in a call center-like office.

With this technology, one driver can handle almost 30 trucks in an 8 hour shift.

This is a great disruption indeed and has a downside as well- Goldman Sachs economists predict all driving industries could lose up to 300,000 jobs a year to automation.

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