Technology Trends That Are Transforming Classroom Education


Walking into a classroom today is very different from walking into a classroom ten years ago. Though that may seem like a short period of time, the revolution in educational technology has created a drastic change in teaching and learning. For example, students are able to access information more quickly and easily without being physically present in the classroom to do research. Also, creation tools are more widely available, leading to an increased emphasis on student created content.

In order to incorporate technology effectively in the classroom, it is important to understand the current trends which are going to change classrooms in the future. The following are some the biggest trends which will change the education system in the country in the coming years:



Using interactive games in different classroom tasks make learning more fun and engaging. Gaming allows students to tackle challenges and working harder to earn bigger awards.

Flipped Learning

This is a form of blended learning where students learn lessons at home by watching video lectures and studying content online and then applying those concepts in class. By working in class, students learn from each other through peer-peer interaction and using critical problem-solving. Remote learning will also make it possible for students to learn even if they’re unable to physically attend school.

Big Data

All electronic gadgets and applications can now be linked together to deliver information. Big data gives you real-time information that can be applied to your classroom immediately. It also can help your students by allowing you to focus on the areas they actually need help with.

Digital Textbooks

You might think that buying a tablet for students is more expensive. Well, you might be wrong. Textbooks are getting more expensive and they are usually used for seven years before a new edition comes out.

A digital textbook would be more cost efficient and can easily be updated to reflect the most recent information. For the one-time cost of a tablet, students are able to access every book they’ll need for the year anytime and anywhere.


There are many softwares like Mindmeister or Brainstormer which make mind mapping more interactive and multi-dimensional. Mind maps are graphic and improve visualization skills in students. Also, these maps can be shared just like an email making a faster flow of information amoung teachers and students.

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