Role of Technology in Indian Education System


India is known as one the world’s top education destination in the global education industry. With some of the best universities and colleges India has been successful in attracting bright talents all over the world.

According to Indian Brand Equity Foundation Indian education market is currently pegged at $100 billion with higher education contributing to 59.7%, school education at 38.1%, pre-school at 1.6% and the remainder 0.6% consists of technology and multi-media based education.

Uses of Technology in the Education Sector

Distance Education

Distance education is a way of learning where the students or working professionals can learn the courses remotely through online access and interact with faculty via online classroom. It helps students to interact with their mentors or tutors directly through chat, e-mail or phone call.

Classroom Based Learning

Technology has become integral part of classroom based teachings. Today in many schools, colleges and universities in India instead of blackboard projector screens are used for teachings. Hand writings of teachers are replaced by power point presentation. Student experience a different kind of set up in today’s technology based classroom. Gadgets like tablets and laptops are used to take down notes.

Online Learning Management System

Online Learning System is a platform where students can remotely login to access course material and also attend live classes with teachers. Pre-recorded lectures, videos can be uploaded on the online learning management system platform making it easy for students to go through it multiple times.

Learning through mobile apps

India has become the second biggest smart phone market in the world after China with more than 220 million active users. Today educational mobile apps are available on popular platforms like Android and iOS. Developers are creating educational apps based on particular subjects. They are simplifying complex concepts with easy to understand illustrations and animations, puzzles games etc. There are apps available for grammar, physics, chemistry, mathematics

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