Reasons: Why Robotics Should Be Taught At Schools!


In today’s technology driven world, where we interface with topics like machine learning, artificial intelligence and a lot of jobs getting disrupted in near future, it is natural and prudent to get our kids exposed to robotics. Robotics imbibes programming, creativity and all the other wagons that we talked in the above lines.

Teaching robotics, is like opening a new experiential world for the kids.

Here are 3 top reasons why robotics as a subject makes a lot of sense in schools today:

1. Learning to program a computer is an excellent skill to have to make students more likely to get a job in the future, and earn more money in their lifetime. When students program physical robots, it’s easier for them to see what goes wrong as they learn what robots can and cannot do. They learn the skills needed to create precise and accurate instructions and have fun while learning valuable lessons. Teaching robotics in schools gives students the opportunity to address the growing demand of teaching STEM subjects

2. Students have the opportunity to create something tangible and make it perform the actions that they program it to do. Not a lot of fields combine creativity with engineering and technology—robotics does. When students are given the opportunity to create something interactive that they think is cool, their engagement levels increase, and they retain more information.

3. Studies have shown that Robotics engages students with autism (of various levels). More than that Robotics motivate students to collaborate and work as a team. The joy that a group of students receive when their creation executes a task is exhilarating. In another perspective, when girls develop their robots, it gives them a feeling of empowerment and motivated them to achieve more complex and challenging goals.

Needless to say, robotics is a unique stream of education which can inculcate creativity, logic, collaboration in students by getting integrated with the STEAM system of learning .

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