Reasons Why Gaming Should Be Taught In Schools!


With growing opportunities in this field, it becomes imperative for parents and teachers to give a basic exposure to game designing right from school.

Video games can be a powerful tool and help parents choose appropriate leisure-time games, which help educators seek ways to supplement classroom teaching and help game developers create games that upgrade their skills.

I met a class-6th student who impressed me with his knowledge about aircrafts, cockpits, and flying. I asked him about how he knows so much- and he showed me a flight simulator game that he played every day. He almost sounded like a pilot when explained each component and switch in the control panel of the cockpit. What amazed me the most was his ability to respond and evaluate various options in a situation of crisis!

It immediately struck me -how games and gasification can help push in so much knowledge in kids and prepares them for future.

When students engage in video game play, they experience the world in a new way. They learn to work collaboratively and to solve problems through the highly complex mental challenges that games provide. They also develop resources and skills that transfer into future learning opportunities.

Gaming offers motivation and relevance to students’ lives. When faced with problems in real-life, we can become anxious, overwhelmed, and feel like giving up. In gaming worlds when confronted with a problem or obstacle, the player is motivated to persist until the problem is solved. Then, the player advances to the next level.

Just like a flight simulator, there are many platforms now that are integrating games into education. One such initiative is the mighty popular MINECRAFT. With Minecraft EDU, educators and students can create intentional instructional experiences. In the literacy classroom, students can create worlds and characters from settings in literature like the Capitol or District 12 from The Hunger Games. Historians and amateurs constructed The Forbidden City for tours and exploration of the ancient site. We will explore this initiative deeper in one of our upcoming blocks.

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