New-age Classrooms Are Empowering Students Beyond School


In the popular imagination, the future is all about high-tech robots doing menial everyday tasks, while humans are on the sidelines. This is, of course, largely utopian. As much as we seem to want to let technology simply take over every role in society, some things will always require a human touch. 

In some ways, the future is already here, because the technology already plays a part in every aspect of your life. This fact is most relevant in the field of education today. As teachers and institutions come to terms with a changing world, they must also prepare students to be the future workforce in a technology-first world. While no one can say with any certainty what classrooms will look like in two or three decades, we are already beginning to see the first seeds of technology take root in education today.

Now, learning happens on the go and students are more likely exposed to a wider variety of subjects outside of the classroom than in it. This means that educators have to respond to this and create an environment where school curriculum is still relevant. The best way to do this is by embracing technology to make education less dull and more exciting. In this way, students are also being prepared for a day when these software and tools will be used to make a living.

MindBox India is an initiative that aims to empower students with 21st-century skills. We develop Creativity & Life Skills of students by an output method of expression using Visual Communication as Language, Design Thinking and STEAM as a subject.

This empowers students by giving them the exact learning or skills that they need, and not just fluff that they have to learn. With this goal-driven approach, learning becomes a life-changing experience and not an everyday mundane activity. In fact, such shared notebook tools can be considered a major education innovation that will revolutionize learning in the years to come.

It is quite obvious now that, technology will be the driving factor in all walks of life in the future. And the challenge today is to make computer and tech education easier for younger students, especially on the technical side of things.

Technology education should begin at a school level and that’s where initiatives like MindBox India have been successful.

As the global digital economy expands, the need for early-stage education in the above four core areas will become increasingly crucial. These seemingly complex topics are made simpler to understand for students through interactive games, quizzes, and apps. This ensures that teachers can successfully and easily deliver coding lessons to their students.

Today’s students won’t just make up numbers in the industry; they will also be designers, creators, thinkers, and problem solvers. And like their counterparts from yesteryears, they too can use a pen to bring their ideas to life on paper. The only difference is their pen and paper are digital in 21st-Century.

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