Learn How Teaching Game Designing Can Your Kid


Whenever we think of designing a video game, we think of complex coding and algorithms and which requires lots of patience and hard work. And teaching kids game designing seems out of the question. Well, that’s no longer true.

Over the years, many simple gaming software such as Gamer Maker and Scratch involving basic drag and drop programming. These software packages can be easily taught in schools.

Many opportunities have emerged over the years in the video gaming industry and there is a demand for not only coders and software developers but also graphic designers, creative directors to develop game story lines and also game testers to address the technical aspects of the gaming application. With growing opportunities in this field, it becomes imperative for parents and teachers to give a basic exposure to game designing right from school.


Teaching basics of game designing to children can have lots of benefits. The following are some of the benefits of teaching video game designing to children:

• It gives students a basic exposure to coding and software development, helping them build technical skills.

• While designing games, problem-solving skills of children are developed as the games they design will have solutions to real life problems.

• Students also build creative and out of box thinking when they’re constantly visualizing and building the game design.

• Through the process of designing and testing their games, students develop logic and reasoning skills.

• Game designing also develops colour recognition and improves hand eye coordination.

While the above mentioned advantages clearly show how important it is to teach children the basics of designing a game, schools have still not incorporated it in their teaching process. However, there are many online resources which can teach the basics of designing a video game designing using simple software which are easy to understand.

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