Facebook To Help Indian Students Learn, Build Virtual Reality Products


Facebook has teamed up with the Bangalore-based startup to help Indian college students learn and build products for the emerging technologies such as Virtual Reality. The partnership is aimed to help Indian students build their ideas into globally marketable products and services.

The new VR programme under SV.CO’s School of Innovation will provide a platform for nearly four million engineering students across 3,300 colleges to learn how to build innovative products while they are in college and get polished under the guidance of the industry experts.

“India is host to one of the largest community of developers and is also one of the fastest growing regions for start-ups. The School of Innovation programme is our investment into the skill for tomorrow.

We want to make sure, that we have invested in not only helping the communities in building products today, but also in building a world for tomorrow,” Satyajeet Singh, Head of Platform Partnerships, Facebook India, and South Asia, told reporters here.

As part of the new VR-based programme, top 10 student teams from across 3,300 engineering colleges in India will be selected to build a next-generation VR product idea they have.

The selected teams will be on-board the startup’s Online Learning Platform for a six-month programme that includes online and in-person learning to progress their idea, build a low and high-fidelity prototype and finally launch to customers.

The successful teams will be selected and given an opportunity to represent their product in front of a leadership panel on demo day, to be organized at Facebook India office in January 2019.

This program will provide a platform for engineering students to learn how to build innovative products.

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